Virtual Tour Hardware Activities

Virtual Tour

ARCHER2, the UK’s National Supercomputing Service, stands as a world-class advanced computing resource for UK researchers. Powered by the HPE Cray EX supercomputing system, ARCHER2 boasts an estimated peak performance of 28 Pflop/s. With 5,848...

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History of Machines Hardware

History of Machines

This virtual museum showcases nearly 40 years of supercomputers at EPCC, which hosts and manages ARCHER2 on behalf of UKRI, and how the technology has changed over time. Some definitions before we start: Core (CPU...

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Case Studies Leaflets

Case Studies

We have created a collection of Case Studies highlighting ARCHER2 research Visit the Case Studies Gallery The Case Studies can be downloaded as PDF files.

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Postcards Activities


We have created a collection of Postcards highlighting ARCHER2 research - all downloadable as PDF Visit the Postcard Gallery

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Paper plane Activities

Paper plane

You can make our ARCHER2 paper plane. Print off the template sheet, double sided. Then follow the folding instructions, folding along the numbered lines in order. Now you can launch your plane on a test...

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Media Gallery Activities

Media Gallery

We have created a gallery of images and videos, many from the ARCHER2 Image and video competitions. Each gallery piece includes a brief description of the work behind it. Visit the gallery

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Wee Archie Hardware Activities

Wee Archie

ARCHER2 is made of 23 cabinets containing 5,848 nodes. It requires specialist staff and facilities to run, plus a massive power supply - it’s not possible to transport parts of it to science festivals and...

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Why are supercomputers important? Hardware

Why are supercomputers important?

Supercomputers allow us to understand things that are too difficult to see or measure in real life. For example, they may be too big, too small, too dangerous, to quick, too slow, etc. Many of...

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What is a supercomputer? Hardware

What is a supercomputer?

A supercomputer is an extremely fast computer,usually millions of times faster than a normal home computer. Typically created by coupling together a very large number of normal computers, their overall capacity to crunch numbers is...

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